We work to be a provider, partner, and employer that fosters choice, powers growth, and fuels positivity.

Our approach

It’s easier to grow when you feel safe, comfortable, loved, and advocated for. So we care for the whole person, providing a continuum of physical, emotional, and mental support for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), mental illness, and co-occurring disorders. With outcomes rooted in discovering and championing personal definitions of progress, our individuals, families, caregivers, and neighbors are building more and more communities people can call home.
To be America’s first choice in behavioral health and supportive living.
To provide first-class behavioral health and supportive living services by being the nation’s best employer, provider and community partner.
We do what we say we will do. We do not make excuses. We take wholehearted ownership of our actions and our results.
We embrace each persons’ journey, celebrating unique perspectives and situations free of judgment.
We grow with each other, so we proudly serve and strive to exceed the expectations of our individuals, team members, and partners.
We don’t just talk the talk—we walk the walk.  We exemplify honesty, trust, and consistency in everything we say and do.
We are one team. We celebrate each others’ successes and work together to overcome challenges.
We create a fun and enjoyable environment where we are free to be productive, joyful and fulfilled in our work

Our team

Our people bring together decades of experience to deliver the best physical, emotional, and mental support to those with intellectual and development disabilities (I/DD), mental illness, and co-occurring disorders.


C. Lynn Mason
President and Chief Executive Officer
With 14 years of experience in leading healthcare services organizations, Lynn drives our vision with know-how and heart.
James Standish
Chief Financial Officer
A senior financial leader with 30 years in the healthcare sector, Jim drives efficient financial operations and revenue cycle management processes.
Dr. Scott Huntington, PHD, LPC, CSAC, ICS
Chief Clinical Officer
With his extensive background in psychology and treatment development, Dr. Huntington leads our clinical team, pushing for compliance and better outcomes.
Larry Keeley
Chief Compliance Officer
Larry ensures every experience is not only safe, but exceeds industry standards. His 30+ years in health care drives an ongoing pursuit of quality and continuous improvement.
Tracy L. Ward
Vice President, Talent
Tracy brings over 12 years of HR experience to the organization with a focus on recruitment retention, and engagement of top talent.
John Tote
Vice President, Business Development
With 30 years of experience creating pathways for excellence, John oversees the development of growth strategies. With an ever-changing industry landscape, John continues to lead with compassion.
Carol Rojahn, R. Ph
Pharmacy Director
For over 10 years, Carol has effectively led one of the nation's few I/DD focused, closed door pharmacies. Her extensive experiences and compassionate approach drive our positive medication outcomes.
David Hicks
State Director, Illinois
With 25 years in the human services field, David has an unwavering commitment to serve as a leader and facilitate positive change in the lives of children & adults, their families, and the community.
Jessica A. Zoch
State Director, Wisconsin
Jessica brings extensive community-based and residential experience to our programs in WI, operating our largest adult facility for individuals with I/DD and mental health diagnoses.

Making a tangible difference

“It’s so fulfilling to hear parents thank our team for caring for their child. This isn’t only about a job—it’s about improving the lives of others.”

Andre P

Paraprofessional & Direct Service Provider from Broadstep- IL (since 2018)

A positive team

“We help people with tasks and skills they can’t take on themselves, but our team turns these challenges into an enjoyable environment for those we serve.”

Andy M

Direct Service Provider from Broadstep -IL (since 2016)

2020 SC DSP of the Year

“I have been here for 14 years. I come back everyday because I love the kids. I am truly honored to have been selected SC DSP of the Year.”

Harriett B

Frontline Residential Specialist Broadstep-SC (since 2006)

We make an impact

“I’ve been with Broadstep for almost 15 years. And even though I don’t always get to see those we serve one-on-one, I love to see the impact of the work I do on our community.”

Jamie B

AP/AR Specialist from Broadstep-SC (since 2005)

My daily motivation

“Every day I am driven by my desire to help those in need in an empathetic and empowering way. I chose this field because I’ve personally witnessed mental health affect the wellness of those around me and wanted to help everyone have a higher quality of life.”

Kara S

Director of Community Support Program (CSP) Broadstep-WI (since 2015)

A labor of love

“I came to this company to help others and make a difference. I love that I get to do both every day.”

LaSheca C

Senior Day Training Instructor from Broadstep-IL (since 2014)

A second family

“Working with the students to set and achieve goals gives me pride in the work I do. More than that, I had no idea my students and fellow care givers would become my second family.”

Laura K

Administrative Assistant from Broadstep-NJ (since 2007)


Over 45 years ago, a group of mental health professionals realized quality care could not only exist, but thrive, beyond the walls of a traditional clinic. From that 24-bed start, we’ve continued to help the I/DD community explore, grow, and build the places they can call home.

Named after the willow trees on the front lawn, Willowglen Academy opens its first facility in Plymouth, Wisconsin.


Increasing needs for mental health services leads to expansion of Willowglen into New Jersey


Willowglen expands into South Carolina.


Formerly Nora-G, the Phoenix Pharmacy begins to serve the pharmaceutical needs of our community.


Phoenix Care Systems, Inc. is founded as a uniting parent company for Willowglen and the Phoenix Pharmacy.


To provide even more psychiatric, educational, and social services, Phoenix Care Systems acquires Bell Therapy.


The Willowglen Academy grows again, this time in Illinois.


Phoenix Care System becomes Broadstep to better deliver behavioral healthcare that transforms lives and serves communities.


We are proud to hold accreditations by both the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and the Council on Accreditation. Earning and maintaining these certifications highlights our commitment to quality, continuous improvement, and exceeding the standards set before us.

Broadstep holds the honor of a CARF gold seal of accreditation, proving our commitment to improving our services based on feedback from stakeholders and the communities we serve.

Council on Accreditation
Council on Accreditation

COA partners with human service organization worldwide to improve service delivery outcomes by developing, applying, and promoting accreditation standards.

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