Home is a feeling we all deserve

That’s why we create spaces where people feel safe, comfortable, and encouraged across a continuum of behavioral healthcare. Because development and growth get easier with the right support.


Residential services
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Andre P

Making a tangible difference

“It’s so fulfilling to hear parents thank our team for caring for their child. This isn’t only about a job—it’s about improving the lives of others.”

Andre P

Paraprofessional & Direct Service Provider from Broadstep- IL (since 2018)

A positive team

“We help people with tasks and skills they can’t take on themselves, but our team turns these challenges into an enjoyable environment for those we serve.”

Andy M

Direct Service Provider from Broadstep -IL (since 2016)

2020 SC DSP of the Year

“I have been here for 14 years. I come back everyday because I love the kids. I am truly honored to have been selected SC DSP of the Year.”

Harriett B

Frontline Residential Specialist Broadstep-SC (since 2006)

We make an impact

“I’ve been with Broadstep for almost 15 years. And even though I don’t always get to see those we serve one-on-one, I love to see the impact of the work I do on our community.”

Jamie B

AP/AR Specialist from Broadstep-SC (since 2005)

My daily motivation

“Every day I am driven by my desire to help those in need in an empathetic and empowering way. I chose this field because I’ve personally witnessed mental health affect the wellness of those around me and wanted to help everyone have a higher quality of life.”

Kara S

Director of Community Support Program (CSP) Broadstep-WI (since 2015)

A labor of love

“I came to this company to help others and make a difference. I love that I get to do both every day.”

LaSheca C

Senior Day Training Instructor from Broadstep-IL (since 2014)

A second family

“Working with the students to set and achieve goals gives me pride in the work I do. More than that, I had no idea my students and fellow care givers would become my second family.”

Laura K

Administrative Assistant from Broadstep-NJ (since 2007)

Our Services

We serve children, adults, and families with a range of services that support those with intellectual and development disabilities (I/DD), mental illness, and co-occurring disorders.

Residential services
Safely and mindfully fostering independence.
Community-based services
Bringing people together to grow and expand horizons.
Day & Vocational services
Day & Vocational
Helping people discover purpose and build a work life.
Educational services
Promoting inclusive, strengths-based learning.

Broadstep Pharmacy

We take extra steps at our full-service pharmacy to ensure individuals reach the best possible outcomes.

Broadstep University

We developed holistic training programs because we believe a well-prepared workforce is essential to consistent, quality care for those in need.

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