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Waiver Homes

Each waiver home is staffed by a Program Manager, Lead DSP, and DSP staff that are responsible for direct supervision and teaching of individuals in the activities of daily living.  The team members in the home are responsible for coordinating and planning contacts, and experiences with family and community, which are designed to increase the awareness, mobility, and social, leisure, and recreational opportunities of the individual.

Placement at a Broadstep home provides care planning for individuals with varied needs over the course of their lifespan. Individuals may transfer to a different level of care based on their needs and assessment of functioning.

STEPS Day Program

STEPS Day Program is an offering of full or half day structured activities designed to increase self-awareness and care, enhance one’s ability to self-regulate, foster peer interaction, and build motor skills through accredited programming. The team members serving in our day program work with groups of individuals meeting them where they are and helping people grow in a way that makes sense for them. These experiences are individualized and are offered as a close-to-home safe option for enhanced education and recreation.

Contact Info

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